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Sadly, the fact is that the odds tend not to be in favor of the "innocent-until-proven-guilty" private citizen when it comes down to your word against the police. Our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, our right to a fair trial, and our presumed innocence has been trumped by these professional liars who are given undeserved credibility and unwarranted integrity. There are unconstitutional regulations limiting open carry rights for private citizens. Since these lying, trigger-happy, murderous "safety police" don't have to comply with the same regs, and in addition, granted immunity, the camera is your new weapon. It is the great equalizer in holding them accountable and broadcasting their undeserved powers and the inequities of our system. If we record for each other, we could save an innocent citizen from injustice. You have the right to record anything in public – including, and especially public servants. 

are not slaves to law enforcement. You must remember that without your hard earned tax dollar being taken from you and your family's household each year, these police officers who "protect and serve" would not have the occupation they exploit today. 

Simply put, they are public servants and they work for you.

Would you ever dream of berating, undermining or treating your boss aggressively or with hostility, like a criminal, or a bully, or abusing them, tasering or even murdering them? They have no consequences for committing the worst crimes, murders of innocent, unarmed civilians, even when they shoot them multiple times in the back. The chief of police, internal affairs, local court judges and commissioners, prosecutors, and the mayor are all in cahoots. The police have unions which is absolute BULL. They cover for them and they get away with it. Thus, it is always important to record police encounters to protect the truth for anyone to see. You are recording for accountability and safety of the parties. Unedited video of an encounter from start to finish captures the truth in every law enforcement exchange. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) have proven in countless cases that it is common practice for police reports to be filled with lies, evidence is planted, tampered with, and even destroyed. If the police provide their "edited" version of what transpired to the courts, there is still hope to find justice with the truth that exists in your uncut version of the incident.Not only are they paid an exorbitant salary, they expect raises and receive rank promotions and paid time off (vacation) when they murder one of ours. Not only that, they will receive a lifetime pension, and their surviving spouse will continue to receive that pension should the retired officer pass away first. That's a pretty nice package for an abusive employee who exploits his boss.

As unfair as it may be, the courts have ruled that police can (and they do) lie to you without consequence or recourse according to legal doctrines such as sovereign immunity and acting under color of law. On the contrary, if a private citizens lie to law enforcement during an "investigation", they could face criminal charges. 

Traffic stops

Assuming you are not on probation or parole, you should not be asked out of your car for a routine traffic violation. Never apologize to an officer, it is seen as assuming guilt. You do not have to answer any questions, starting with, "do you know why I pulled you over?" Be polite, but don't engage in conversation. Provide your driver license, registration, and insurance. If the officer insists on asking you questions, kindly request your citation so you can be on your way. Police are looking for a reason to search you and your vehicle. You are one word away from sitting on the curb. Silence.

CLICHE One-Liners

If you are approached by a police employee when filming, chances are you’ll be asked, “Why are you filming?” Your response could be any or all of the following:

"I always document interactions with police", "accountability of all parties", and / or "the first amendment right to record public servants while on duty". You may be asked to turn the camera off. Politely deny this request stating that you are exercising your First Amendment right and that is an unlawful order. Do NOT turn your camera off! 

Police officers may get upset and demand your ID. This is their auto-response to any sort of objection or assertion of rights to their unlawful order. Your Fourth Amendment right protects you from unreasonable searches or requirement to furnish your "papers". You never have to comply with unlawful orders, meaning you neither have to furnish your state issued ID nor verbally give your name, birth date, or address unless you are suspected of committing a crime or under arrest. If they claim that you fit the description of a suspect in the area, they should ask you if your name is that of the suspect. You truthfully confirm or deny. You may ask what it is that makes them suspect that you are a threat or have a weapon? Reiterate that you have a camera to document the encounter and that you do not consent to any searches or seizures without a warrant or probable cause. An officer may tell you that you need to be searched for weapons for their safety. If you are detained, the officer may pat you down only. No pocket, wallet, cell phone, vehicle, or other property search is permitted, without your consent, or a search warrant. Ricky Munday stands his ground. Some police officers don't care to listen to your recital of Constitutional rights, and may immediately detain, handcuff, or arrest you. Never resist an arrest. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right and hand the officer your liberty card.

Police officers may tell you that your presence, or others with cameras, are a "safety issue". This "safety" excuse feeds the "fear" that the government plants into the minds of the public to rely on their protection, thereby giving up rights and becoming dependent, ultimately a slave. Fear is a huge reason why private citizens allow their rights to be violated every day. The government is and has been heavily manipulating and violating citizens out of fear in the name of safety since 9/11. Do not be fooled. The notion of safety for the police is murdering innocent, unarmed citizens with military weapons and then carrying on to their next victimPolice employees are actually taught to manipulate people by wording their questions like statements in order to get you to "consent" or give up your rights. ("You don't mind if we search you / your vehicle, do you?"... "If you're not doing anything wrong / you don't have anything to hide, then it shouldn't be a problem if we search you / your vehicle, right?")  They are trained to befriend the public to gain trust in order to lure innocent people into incriminating themselves or others by extracting information that will likely be used against them later.
The new era of live streaming is SIDEKIK! Not only does it safeguard your recording of the incident with live stream and cloud storage, but for about $5 per month you have access to an attorney to represent you on the spot. This attorney will actually speak with to the law enforcement officer immediately on your behalf at the time of the incident. There is no extra fee for the attorney to represent you later should the detainment lead to a false arrest, abuse, or otherwise. Video


to prevent police destruction of your evidence.
Nothing contained or referenced in the publication "Guide to Police Encounters While Recording the Police" above is intended to be a substitute for legal advice. Consult with an attorney for laws applicable in your state.

Printable Miranda Rights

Invoke your rights without having a panic attack. Print and keep a handful in your wallet in case you are stopped or questioned by law enforcement.

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There will always be more private citizens than law enforcement. We should not FEAR people we employ, especially those who are employed to "protect and serve" us. Once we realize that things will change when we unite and stand up to these public servants, we can sustain our free beacon. Hopefully one day people will record every police encounter, especially on behalf of others. Could you imagine a street of passersby pointing their cameras at a few police officers writing a citation? Who truly holds the power?

If you are with other people when you are stopped or questioned, everyone should have their cell phones recording the police in case of arrest, confiscation, tampering, or deleting your footage. They will do it, then lie about it.

Know Your Rights


Tyranny is when something is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao executed similar  before they were kidnapped and led into the concentration camps, ultimately the gas chambers. Do not give up your arms. Bans on our weapons and our police are in possession of tanks and other weapons of war? This is why our forefathers enacted our right to bear arms--in case we needed to protect ourselves from government tyranny. The People have the power to abolish such a government, after all, we are a government of the People, by the People, and for the People, are we not?
violation of one if not several of our constitutional rights are violated every day. They use their badge as if it gives them carte blanche to harass and intimidate you into incriminating yourself by prying. You are a private citizen and do not have to tell them any of your personal business. Do yourself a favor and keep quiet. Our taxes already pay for their obnoxious salaries, then they extort us for more with traffic violations, and conduct illegal searches of our pockets, purses, and vehicles to fund their outfit. Police departments receive grants for hitting arrest quotas, narcotic of the month quotas, and they do have citation quotas. This is why every traffic stop turns into an illegal search. RECORD THE POLICE AND NEVER CONSENT TO ANY SEARCHES. 

servant answers the master's questions. The master does not work for the servant, therefore is not obligated to "contract" or engage in conversation with the servant if he does not so choose. 

Depending on your comfort, experience, and knowledge of your rights, you may either feel more content exercising your 5th Amendment right to remain silent or choose to engage in a verbal exchange with a police officer to defend your rights. If you choose to remain silent, you may want to keep these cards in your wallet to convey your decision to police officers. In any situation, always remain calm, firm and respectful in your statements while maintaining control of the encounter by asserting your Constitutional rights. When approached and asked for your name or identification, your response is, “Am I being detained?” If the police employee replies, “no”, then you’re free to go. If the police employee responds, “yes”, then ask, “What is your specific and articulable reasonable suspicion?” They will have a hard time answering this if they are simply harassing you (reasonable articulable suspicion vs. probable cause). 

What You Must Know

First and foremost, know that a police badge or any government issued ornament of idolatry does not grant extra power over any citizen. The police are to enforce our laws in order to preserve and ensure that our rights and freedom under the Constitution are honored. However, there are a cornucopia of videos uploaded by private citizens to websites such as Youtube and LiveLeak evidencing the police abusing their authority; an honorable authority given in exchange for their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. We are free citizens. We
Government officials are required to take an oath, to swear, to promise, to uphold the law, yet permitted to lie, then, when they testify in court, they must swear under penalty of perjury, to tell the whole truth, nothing but, so help you God. Do you see how this can be confusing for a pathologically trained officer? Do they even know when they're lying anymore? 

It is safe to bet that your police officers don't know a thing about the law, have no idea what their oath means, and quite possibly have never heard of or actually ever read the Constitution. Why should law enforcement understand these things when they can make up the "rules" as they become convenient to a situationThey have the legal authority to lie to your face, misrepresent, mislead, and coerce you into some covert, slime tactic to extort or incriminate  you. Their goal has no regard for your Constitutional rights, insomuch as to become confrontational when you refuse to comply with or question their unlawful orders. Ask them to cite the law/code that you are being charged with or accused of and see what happens. They can't cite a law that doesn't exist. This is why it is OUR responsibility to know the law. The perpetual infringement on our constitutional rights by law enforcement and the lack of knowledge of the People to invoke their rights and privileges is one of the catalysts of this police state. Rights not exercised, are rights we don't have
"Since the government keeps statistics on just about everything, why no national stats on something this important? The answer is simple: they don't want us to know. Why? Because police shoot a lot more people than we think, and the government, while good at statistics, is also good at secrecy. We're Compiling Every Police-Involved Shooting In America.  Help Us."
Recording & Reporting the Police

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rules of engagement

If you are ever approached by the police, the first question you ask is, "Am I being detained"? If you are not being detained you are free to go and should not engage any further. What you say can and will be used against you. They have one motive and that is extortion. Every police encounter manifests itself into a

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little  temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety."  

--Ben Franklin

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For at least 15 years, police departments have denied people who score too high on an intelligence test the opportunity to interview to become an officer.